Judy Blue Jeans
Judy Blue Jeans
Judy Blue Jeans
Judy Blue Jeans
Judy Blue Jeans

Judy Blue Jeans

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 Step into a world of denim delight with our newest addition to the boutique, the Judy Blue High Waist Straight Fit Jeans! These jeans are more than just denim; they're a love affair waiting to happen. Picture yourself slipping into the perfect blend of style and comfort, where high waist meets straight fit in a dreamy light wash that whispers of sunny days and carefree adventures.

Crafted with impeccable quality and an abundance of stretch, these jeans promise a fit that feels custom-made just for you. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a second-skin feel that moves with you effortlessly. And the best part? They're non-distressed, offering a sleek and polished look that's versatile for any occasion

Quick Fit Guide: Please review before making your purchase!

If you're new to Judy Blues, We've got you covered when it comes to sizing! Our boutique denim uses ODD sizing, distinct from junior sizes. To determine your size, simply subtract one from your even size. Only do the following for JUDY BLUES, any other jeans, follow the guideline on that listing!

If you typically wear a size 2-16 in department store denim, simply subtract one for your Judy Blue size.

For instance:

  • 2 becomes 1
  • 4 becomes 3
  • 6 becomes 5
  • 8 becomes 7
  • 10 becomes 9
  • 12 becomes 11
  • 14 becomes 13
  • 16 becomes 15

If you fall between two sizes your Judy Blue size would be the middle number. For example, if you're typically a 12/14, your size would be 13.

16-24: If you usually wear sizes 14W-24W at department stores, similarly subtract one for your Judy Blue size.

For example:

  • 16 becomes 14W
  • 18 becomes 16W
  • 20 becomes 18W
  • 22 becomes 20W
  • 24 becomes 22W
  • 26 becomes 24W

14W-24W: If you typically shop at curvy stores (Torrid, Lane Bryant, etc.) for denim, stick with your actual size. They offer super stretchy denim, super similar to JB! You can utilize the size-down method mentioned above if you carry less weight in your midsection or prefer a more snug fit.

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