Vanilla Leather - Rustic Charm
Vanilla Leather - Rustic Charm
Vanilla Leather - Rustic Charm

Vanilla Leather - Rustic Charm

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Vanilla Leather is a sweet vanilla take on our original leather fragrance. Blending these two scents produces a sweeter, more subtle leather scent that many people prefer and enjoy.

  • Burn time of approximately 90-100 hours. We recommend burning your candle for at least 2-4 hours each time you light it for optimal longevity and quality of the burn. We use a soy blend candle wax in our candles. This proprietary blend allows for a clean and safe burning candle with optimal scent throw and burning time Our fragrance oils are derived from essential oils and are tested safe for use in candles. Please note that due to individual hand pouring, the color may vary slightly from candle to candle.
  • An entire bar can last 50-80 hours of warming. Each cube lasts about 6.5-10 hours. Tip: If you only warm your wax to the point that your room is full of fragrance, and then turn it off, you can help your wax retain scent longer!
  • 4 fl oz. bottle. Shake well before use. Always test before spraying directly onto a surface.

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